Surefire Ways to Grow Your Instagram Likes

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Every brand desire to get more likes whenever they post its content. But the reality is that most of their Instagram content barely gets any engagement in the form of likes, comments, tags, shares, or saves. 

Getting true Instagram love takes time and effort. Creating high-quality posts worthy of real Instagram likes is the solution, but it can take several years and a lot of care to get likes from real people. In view of that, some brands opt to invest in instant Instagram likes or partner with influencers for immediate results.

Sharing content your audience will value is one of the surefire ways to grow your Instagram likes. There are many other ways that you can use to show your best side on Instagram and get your audience to tap the like button. 

Let’s get started. 

9 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Instagram Likes

Use Relevant Hashtags 

Your Instagram post will either appear at the top of the feed or sink to the bottom based on the kind of hashtags you use. For instance, your posts are likely to face a lot of competition when you use generic hashtags. On the other hand, your posts are likely to reach a higher audience when you mix industry-specific and trending hashtags to connect with your followers. 

While you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, your posts will look untargeted and unprofessional when you use several of them. A post with one or 11 hashtags can get more interactions and higher engagement based on what other sector influencers and competitors typically use. Also, remember that Instagram's algorithm penalizes posts with spammy behavior. Therefore vary the volume of your hashtags on your posts and opt for generally branded ones because they drive traffic, make your posts more discoverable, and help build a stronger and more active community around your business. 

Post When Your Audience is Active 

Posts on Instagram get higher engagements on certain days of the week. Posting your content at the optimal time or a time when the majority of your target audience is active or browsing their feeds keeps your profile fresh and positions your posts at the top of their feeds. 

You can check your Instagram Business or Creator account insights feature to learn about your followers’ habits or the optimal times. This will help you get the most accurate time to schedule accordingly in order to get more likes and engagement. Alternatively, you can vary your posting times because it enables you to discover what works best for you. 

Publish High-Quality Content Consistently 

Users like, save, share and tag their friends on the most valuable content on Instagram. They want to repeatedly reference eye-catching infographics, colorful charts, graphs, and the like. 

Sharing interesting content regularly about your products, services, brand, or industry can get you more likes on Instagram. This includes behind-the-scene videos, new product release announcements, funny memes, promotions, and giveaways. Next, encourage your followers to share, repost or tag their friends because it opens your brand to a wider audience and such engagements can grow your Instagram likes.

Further, tag influential accounts if you think they like your content. These are people in your niche or target market. Your videos or photo tagged to related influencers appears in their feed and tagged section, which exposes them to a bigger and new audience, thus giving more visibility and likes.

Host Contest and Giveaways 

Unlike regular posts, Instagram contests and giveaways offer powerful engagement, including more likes, comments, shares, and tags. A giveaway involves giving your audience a product or service. People join the content by first following your account, liking your posts, or tagging their friends. 

A well-executed giveaway can boost brand awareness and engagement. You can increase its success by setting content goals and rules such as follow to win, like to win, or enter to win. Next, partner with other brands and generate attention-grabbing contest posts to improve outreach and grow likes on Instagram. Track your campaign’s performance using Google Alerts and hashtags, then promote its results on other social networks.

Activate Instagram Reels 

Like TikTok, Instagram allows users to create Reels or 30 seconds clips that they can share with their friends or target audience. The app provides creative tools to help you create videos and add music and other effects, thus showcasing your brand’s authenticity. 

You can use Instagram Reels to show your followers the behind-the-scenes, introduce your team, share short tutorials, and much more. Indeed Reels are great ways to show off your brand to your target audience as well as share your followers’ user-generated content. 

Embrace User-Generated Content 

Followers can get involved more with brands through the use of user-generated content. Additionally, your business will likely incur fewer marketing costs when your followers create and approve its content. 

Virtually all industries can benefit when they run user-generated content campaigns. You can create a heartwarming and impactful campaign when you allow your followers to make short clips about your products or brand, collate them into a video clip and post it on your account. 

Focus on Trending Topics

Trending topics creates a wave that can give you more likes when you ride on them. For instance, the original account that posts any craze sweeping the internet or the latest meme gets heightened engagement in terms of likes, followers, comments, tags, or shares. 

Your business can greatly benefit when you jump on these trends and use them to boost your online presence. Therefore take advantage of the trending topics in your field of interest because such opportunities keep your brand relatable and on top of the minds of your followers. 

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories 

Predictions show that Instagram Stories might overtake the main feed as the primary feature on this platform. The feature allows you to publish a single post with a mix of photos and images. Although Stories disappear within 24 hours, their benefits can last longer. These include a wider reach and higher engagement rates. 

Users will keep coming back for more content when you embrace Instagram Stories. This makes your brand approachable and more authentic, thus, more likes. You can also use pre-recorded stories to share narratives, offer one-off quickfire promotions, or provide in-depth coverage of your products or services. However, remember to invest in a good sound experience because Instagram Stories should have sound on. 

GeoTag Your Location 

Geotags can increase engagement on Instagram. You can achieve that by permitting the platform to use your current location or by adding your location to all your new posts. Geotags allow people to discover your content when they click on these tags on another photo. This increases your visibility which boosts your following and grows your likes. 


This post has shared with you some surefire ways to grow your Instagram likes. These simple but effective ways can increase your likes and followers as well as turn them into new sales. 

So now, put into practice the 9 tips mentioned above and see how your account engagement rate will skyrocket. Maximizing your channel’s potential will keep those likes coming even as Instagram evolves. 

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